Artificial Intelligence

ATL Tech's AI software is based on machine learning to help you automate the tasks of a vast variety of sectors and industries. Feel the impact of AI services and stay competitive improving your business with us.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence solutions that we offer

Natural Language Processing

At ATL Tech, we offer next-generation Natural Language Processing services for enterprises that transform unstructured data and incorporate conversational intelligence. Solutions provided by our team of developers will listen to you and build bridges between customers and computers.


ATL Tech’s flexible, user-friendly, and powerful software will help you transform your content into text, efficiently handling speech recognition barriers. Our savvy application allows to convert audio from different sources, get accurate transcriptions, and afterwards to be able to share these documents across all needed devices.


Our professionals offer Text-to-Speech services prepared to support your enterprise by turning scripts, web pages, and other text documents into audio to increase engagement by providing content in different formats.


Speech Adaptation

Help your Speech-to-Text system increase the accuracy of speech transcription by improving the accuracy of specific words or phrases. Speech adaptation feature will enlarge vocabulary and allow your system recognize those words and phrases in your audio data more frequently.

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