Human Resources Management

ATL Tech's Human Resources Management solutions are tailored to meet your individual needs and help you to automate time-consuming day-to-day processes. Maintain your HR-related tasks and enhance your businesses by organizing and optimizing the personnel operations.

Human Resources Management

HR management solutions that we offer


In the business environment, employees compose a considerable part while delivering any service or product; therefore, maximizing their performance and engagement became a critical element of HRM. To ensure that your organization is conformed with all the policies necessary for employee management starting from hiring to termination, ATL Tech comes with Human Resources Management solutions serving to increase your company’s productivity.

Self Service Management

ATL Tech’s Self Service Management is a section of HRM solutions that stands for promoting efficiency by allowing employees to access their documents through a portal for attaining organizational goals. There can be highlighted numerous advantages of this software in terms of facilitating a better experience for the users, including overall expenses and productivity.

Recruitment Management

With our Recruitment Management, you will have an opportunity to automate and control the whole recruitment operations in an organization by identifying, screening, interviewing applicants, as well as generating overall analytics. With the main goal of decreasing administrative tasks, this incomparable solution was prepared to accurately match the company's recruitment process.


Time Management

The system comes with time management tools that enable us to create and save detailed reports for a better employee work experience. Proper time management will save you hours supplying effective resource distribution. Automate your processes and manage your employees' clock in/clock out/breaks hours, cutting down human errors and improving compliance. Make time work for you!

Leave Management

Simplify the processes of request and approvements according to your policy system. Leave management system that allows all users to schedule meetings using computers/tablets or any mobile devices, create shared calendars with planned projects. Forget about paper forms. Track all types of absence, be it a vacation, maternity leave, personal reasons, and many others. Let’s get digitized together.

Document Management

A document management system that stores, manages, organizes, archives, and keeps track of electronic documents, including digital images, saves time and cuts down costs and human errors. Information can be placed for both public and private use with a high level of security.

Performance Management

Make a change by managing performance and training processes showing your employees that you care about them. Our performance management system is here to arm your HR with a powerful tool that will help you track goals, support your personnel, get detailed feedback, and get an objective reflection of their performance. Align, motivate and guarantee continuous development for a better future.

People Data & Analytics

Workforce management was never easy, but not now. Change your approach and change your vision using our tech-savvy system that collects stores, and analyzes people data & analytics in one secure database. Get quick access to accurate, detailed reports that will support your strategic decisions. Stop wasting your time compiling your data and start using insightful analytics to get your company to success.

Talent Management

Support your organization's success by hiring the best talents with a wholly automated talent management process, starting from job requisition and ending with onboarding. The system allows you to find the best fit for the exact position using screening, ranking, and filtering options. Ensure their further development and growth and save your time for discovering the ace of the aces.

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