Technology that saves lives

Utilize the comprehensive opportunities ATL Tech's services and solutions can bring to empower the supply of your healthcare business. Make the digital transformation journey by keeping the patients’ treatment outcomes in the databases using process automation and driving down overall costs.


Healthcare Solutions

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

To enhance your system and improve its capability, our professionals are ready to guide you in accomplishing your business mission in an efficient and accurate way with their knowledge in the field of ML & AI.

Data Science

One of the main key elements to success is understanding the data, therefore, our data scientists go deep into your data frames using advanced algorithms to enhance and optimize the operational efficiency.

Digital Health Wallet

Digital Health Wallet contains personal health portals to manage all the information, including records regarding analysis, appointment, time and other details about particular patients.


Our specialists enable organizations to choose and develop the best fitting platform, as well as integrate both business processes and IoT solutions. 

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