It is time to advance your human resource management

ATL Tech presents Portem - a web-based solution designed to organize human resource management.


Portem features


Provides storage of the personal information of applicants, reserved candidates, current and dismissed employees by various criteria.


Supports the acquisition of extensive reports for a particular period of time which can be exported in MS Office, and different chart formats.


Simplifies vacation-related issues by registering the confirmation, direction, and rejection of all kinds of vacations, including the balance and status.

Company structure & staff

Helps to create, store and update the company structure and staff schedules electronically.

Business trips

Enables to store business trips and day-offs, as well as worktable of employees.


Tracks employees' attendance to keep and store the data for future utilization.

Why use Portem?

  • Customized document management

  • Automated recruitment process

  • User-friendly interface

  • Portem
    Up to 30 minutes
    decreased time in employee documentation
    Up to 45 %
    reduced probability of a mechanical error

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