It is time to advance your Contact Center with no hardware

ATL Tech presents a multi-functional Contact Center system. The software includes all the features required for both inbound and outbound calls.


Instacall features

Interactive Voice Response

Allows an automated system to interact with callers and helps route calls to relevant recipients. Provides the opportunity to get voice messages from callers via call.

Queue management

Helps to direct coming calls to agents in the most convenient way to decrease call queue time.


Allows providing productive and more personal support to customers.


Eases the ordering process by fulfilling the customer information, selection of courier, and destination location.


Assists agents in accessing the right information about a customer's history to improve the overall customer satisfaction and experience.

Notification systems

Facilitates communication among administrators to maintain proper workflow.

System integration

Stitches together different, often disparate, subsystems making the product more comprehensive.

Subscription improvements

Offers three packages of monthly subscription for enterprises with different number of agents, support hours, reports and channels.

Report systems

Helps to drive real-time insights, comprehensive and analytical reports.

How use Instacall?

Watch the demo video to get familiar with Instacall and its functionalities which will help you to build an effective cloud call center

calls are being realized in just 24 hours
number of active clients on a Cloud
number of active clients on an Enterprise
hours of calls in a month

Who trusts Instacall?

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