November 25, 2021

ATL Tech and VisionLabs organized the conference “Machines can see in digital transformation”

One of the leading information technology companies in Azerbaijan ATL Tech and one of the world leaders in computer vision and machine learning products VisionLabs, on November 25, organized the conference named “Machines can see in digital transformation”.

At the conference both foreign and Azerbaijani experts shared their experiences and assumptions about the role of artificial intelligence in the digital world. The conference consisted of 3 panels and covered such important topics as the city of the future: improving the quality of life with technology, the prospects for artificial intelligence, and intelligent solutions.

According to the director of ATL tech Anar Aliyev, the event is one more step in the development of our country in this direction.

"We believe that such events will help participants interested in the field of information technology, including young generations interested in this field, discover new directions. The speeches of each event expert are based on real experience, and are beneficial for the conference participants.”

In order to reach a larger audience with the information and experience shared at the conference, there was an opportunity to watch the event live.

“LUNA - being one of the main products of the company, is a computer vision and video analytics platform, as well as a set of devices based on proprietary technologies (Luna Ace, Luna Pos, Luna Thermo, etc.). We believe that together with our new partner we will be able to make progress in the field of artificial intelligence in Azerbaijan and offer new solutions to companies."

Dmitry Markov,CEO of VisionLabs, who spoke at the event on "Smart City and Computer Vision in Banking", said this about cooperation with ATL tech.

"We continue to expand VisionLabs' international partner network and are pleased to cooperate with a trusted company such as ATL Tech. Together we will be able to more accurately assess market requirements and offer high-tech solutions accordingly. We hope that our cooperation will be productive and contribute to the development of Artificial Intelligence in Azerbaijan, " he said.

ATL Tech offers a wide range of products and services in Azerbaijan, including IT consulting, system integration, software and solutions. The company provides services to both local and global companies to solve their IT problems and simplify the daily operations of their customers.

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