Change the way you handle incidents

K3 is a software program with a simple interface but with maximum functionality for automatic receiving, transmissioning, and processing of emergency calls to the contact center.


K3 features

Location detection

Detecting the caller’s exact location on the map for sending the required team to the place in the shortest time after the call is received.

System integration

Utilizing various technological tools ensures easy integration with other systems for a smooth workflow.

Information security

Preventing the data from unauthorized access periodically checking, updating, and filtering existing records.

Real-time status

Real-time emergency status of the country allows to see closed and ongoing issues to effectively function in necessary cases.

Suitable vehicle selection

Selecting the most suitable vehicle and personnel in accordance with the type of emergency case.

Information tracking

Tracking all the necessary information about fuel, water, and other tools together with the online location of emergency rescue trucks.

Why choose K3?

Watch the demo video to get acquainted with K3, built to suit different emergency cases and the needs of organizations.

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