October 05, 2021

Key Tech Tools to Boost Performance of your Contact Center

Nowadays, Contact Centers apply various techniques to noticeably increase customer satisfaction rates, reduce call waiting time and boost productivity . The majority of these tools are based on CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) enabling agents to manage the phone calls from their computer devices. There are enough technologies that can be utilized with the help of CTI and today we will talk about them.


IVR, or Interactive Voice Response is an automated system which directs the customers to the appropriate agents letting them interact with the usage of speech recognition or dial pad. The number of organizations applying this technology in contact centers is increasing day by day. The reason behind is that there are enough advantages of IVR, including providing self-service, prioritizing calls, reducing costs, and many others. To begin with self-service, we can say that with logical and clear flows, customers can perform their case without communicating to multiple agents or even none. So, it will lead to saving time as a customer does not have to pass several stages and each time explain his situation. Another point to mention here is about reduced costs. According to the latest studies, utilization of IVR costs twenty times less than a live agent. Imagine that you have an agent costing you 5$ for a call, while IVR - 25 cents (20 times less). What would you prefer if you were a contact center agency? Obviously, IVR.

What is ACD?

ACD or shortly automatic call distribution is a system used for answering the incoming calls and routing them to the particular agents of a contact center. With the main purpose of managing the large call volume  and getting maximum effect, ACD is mainly integrated with IVR. However, these two terms are often confused. So, let us see the details and know the difference.

ACD serves to analyse information regarding the incoming call, including area code, phone number, and other necessary information about the customer. According to this data, the system will direct the caller to the appropriate agent or department. For instance, if a system detects that the caller’s number is russian, it will forward the call to a russian speaking operator. As we mentioned before, IVR, in its turn, helps customers supporting their self-service opportunities. If still there is a need for a live operator, then comes ACD with its above written functionalities. Overall, these two systems have a unit purpose of streamlining the overall communication process.


According to the study, 63% of participants answered that they would choose a callback rather than waiting on hold. Callback is one of the crucial functionalities of IVR which is maintained by the contact center software. How does it work? Let’s say that a customer calls the company at a time when all the agents are busy and there is no one to pick up his call. After that, the system puts the number in the call queue and when any agent becomes available, it automatically calls the client. This feature has several advantages, including improved customer satisfaction and employee engagement, reduced abandon calls, decreased operational costs, etc. For instance, if an agent knows that there is someone on the other side of the line waiting for him to solve the problem, he will certainly try to hurry up. That may become a reason for an incomplete or even a wrong answer which can lead to poor customer service. However, in case of a callback, both agents and customers can take their time to prepare and realize a call in a more soft way.


Majority of the Contact Centers focus on customer experience and continuously look for ways to improve it. Nowadays, there exist several technologies serving to provide all the necessary data to increase customer satisfaction rates and Business Intelligence (BI) is one of them. BI tools help in collecting, organizing and analyzing large amounts of data to understand the clients. It is a very crucial aspect as the customers periodically evolve and accordingly, their preferences change. With the help of BI techniques, Contact Centers can get access to the information regarding interactions and check the improvement degree. One of the main benefits of this technology is that it lets monitor the agent's performance according to the obtained reports. Respectively, these results can be used to evaluate operators, get their best suiting strategy  and therefore, enhance sales. All in all, it can be said that BI tools can assist organizations to get some metrics necessary for improving customer experience, employee performance, client’s retention and generally, regulating overall efficiency of a Contact Center.


What is omnichannel communication? This feature involves the usage of various channels while communicating with the clients. In Contact Centers there can exist different departments which respond to various inquiries coming from phone calls, websites, social media, and so on. With the use of omnichannel, the organizations can manage all these requests at once.

Due to this point, the customer experience becomes entirely consistent, no matter which channel they use to contact. We can emphasize several benefits caused by Omnichannel, like offering more options for your customers to communicate, empowering the agents to better help and support customers, eliminating limitations and improving customer retention.


Customer Relationship Management is a technology used to improve the existing business relationships. Call center software paired with a strong CRM, can have a positive impact on the rates of first call resolution. Why? Simply because an agent can access and receive all the data regarding a particular customer. This tool is especially beneficial when you have regular customers who always come with their special needs and requirements. Due to the customer segmentation done by a CRM, it becomes easier for the agents to manage the conversation and accordingly, find a solution. Utilizing CRM tools a Contact Center can build powerful and profitable customer relationships leading to general operational efficiency and better sales.


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